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Pond Laurel - Fine Art Print Reproduction


Item collection 82dc51a2 6cdf 4ae7 b639 60daf54e4894

Art Print - The Old Turnpike - 5 x 7


Item collection 1a4fa7a4 10be 4896 a8b4 b362bff47867

Wren House - A Giclee Print


Item collection 2172905 original

Ready to Frame Print - 5x7 - Just Before Winter


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Landscape Painting - Giclee Print of Old Maples


Item collection 2172901 original

5x7 Wall Art Print, Haying


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Fine Art Print - Resting Tractor by Richard Derwitsch


Item collection 2172930 original

Landscape Painting Giclee - 5x7 - Hay Day


Item collection f81897a0 5d9e 4d83 b5c7 482187fe6536

Hay Field - giclee print of an orginal painting


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Still Life Art Print - Blushing Mums


Item collection 2172945 original

Tea and Cookies - Giclee Print


Item collection 2172904 original

Vermont Landscape - Winter Farm by Richard Derwitsch


Item collection 2172968 original

Giclee Print of Parker Hill Farm


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Art Print - Landscape - Crow Maple


Item collection 2172962 original

Giclee print - 5x7 Winchester Barn


artwork by Richard Derwitsch

Fine Art - Prints and Originals

Greetings and welcome to my studio. My name is Rick and I've been painting since I was a teenager ... that's over 40 years now (which is a little hard to believe).

I love spending time in nature and capturing the beauty and peace that I experience there in color and form, light and shadow. I work in the studio too, creating the occasional still life or fanciful drawing, especially when the weather is less than agreeable.

My hope is that the simple joy that I experience in creating these works is conveyed through them to you.
Thanks for visiting and have a creative day!

~ Rick