Landscape Painting - Giclee Print of Old Maples

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Product Description

The original painting of "Old Maples" was painted plein air, alla prima, oil on canvas, in Winchester Center, Connecticut.

It was one of those spring days where the colors of the season really start to take on a life of their own.

I love how the old maples, planted years ago, hug the country road.

~ Giclee Print of an original oil painting
~ 5" x 7" image
~ Printed on 6.75" x 8.75" non acid , archival quality watercolor paper
~ Ready to mat and frame
~ The watermark pictured in this studio image does not appear on your print.

Please see my Bio for more information about me and my artwork. If you have any questions at all about this print, or any of my artwork, please contact me.

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Landscape Painting - Giclee Print of Old Maples Landscape Painting - Giclee Print of Old Maples

artwork by Richard Derwitsch

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Greetings and welcome to my studio. My name is Rick and I've been painting since I was a teenager ... that's over 40 years now (which is a little hard to believe).

I love spending time in nature and capturing the beauty and peace that I experience there in color and form, light and shadow. I work in the studio too, creating the occasional still life or fanciful drawing, especially when the weather is less than agreeable.

My hope is that the simple joy that I experience in creating these works is conveyed through them to you.
Thanks for visiting and have a creative day!

~ Rick